Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Out of the morass - 18th protest march

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July 6th 2011

If we’re to regain our national financial sovereignty, says our Tánaiste and Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore, we should all stop complaining and accept the cuts already implemented, the cuts still to come.  But, Mr. Gilmore, what about cutting ourselves loose from the bank/bondholder debt?  What about asking them to accept their own pain, rather than further burdening us with it?  How much of our money is leaving this country every week to pay off the failed investments of those bondholders, money that could go to our hospitals, our schools?
To those who are protesting over the threatened closure of various hospitals, the threatened reduction in services; to those schools who protest at the loss of Special Needs Assistants, realise this – until such time as the bondholders are made to suffer their own pain, ALL other protests are in vain, quite simply because the money isn’t there.  As a nation we were already haemorrhaging money with a serious budget deficit, and closing that deficit was always going to be painful, but in their demand, under threat, that we also assume the bank/bondholder debt, we are being bled dry by the ECB.

Kevin O’Keeffe and Tilly English lead out the 18th Ballyhea Protest March
Resist, because we must.  In Ballyhea this Sunday, at 10.30am, our 19th protest march, in Charleville at 11.30am, their 3rd.  Join us please – freeing ourselves of that yoke is our only way out of this morass.

Yours sincerely,
Diarmuid O'Flynn.