Monday, 3 March 2014


This was posted on Facebook on the morning of Sunday March 2nd 2014 by Mary Tobin of the 'TRALEE SAYS NO' group as she headed to Ballyhea to take part in our third anniversary march. It was raining heavily at the time. The eloquence of the lines exposes a bitter truth.

Hitting the road shortly to pick up Mike Enright and the bould Mike O'Gorman to walk with the Ballyhea/Charleville Say No Group who today, as they begin their 4th year, walk against this and the previous governments' decision to sacrifice Ireland's children to the Gods of Banking. 

Well, it's not the best of days but it never stopped them yet. 

If the weather is her voice, poor Mother Ireland is weeping for Paradise Lost, her land washed of her future and being sold to the highest bidder, flooded with greed and battered by indifference. 

She is on her knees, exhausted, but still they slice away at her resources. 

She crys out for it to stop but the waves of indifference keep washing over her. 

It's the wonderful spirit of Ballyhea Says No that is keeping her alive. Trying to shelter her, protect her and mind her decency. 

They keep her reminded of the Proud Woman she was and can be again. 

They are the ones that whisper in her ear - 'There are still those who love you, always have, always will'. 

There is a better way. So at 10.30am we will be proud to walk once more with them today in Ballyhea.

Mary Tobin, Tralee Say No.