Saturday, 7 February 2015


This week in a European Parliament corridor I bumped into Manolis Glezos, the poll-topping Syriza MEP from Greece. 

Manolis is 93, a veteran of the Greek resistance against the Nazis in the Second World War, was twice sentenced to death – you can read about him in these two links. Following a short conversation, Manolis has agreed to join us some Sunday on the weekly Ballyhea protest march.

I ask ye, please go to those articles and read, learn, understand where exactly the likes of Manolis and his modern-day successors, Alexis Tsipras and Yanis Varoufakis are coming from. They don’t just , have history on their side, they have right, they have justice.

Then think of those politicians doing what they were elected to do – what they promised to do – and bringing Greece’s fight to Europe, but being lectured by Enda Kenny on how they SHOULD be behaving. And ask yourself – who would you want representing you right now?

Syriza are not spoiling for a fight, they are not the ones being stupidly stubborn; rather they are pointing out the glaringly obvious, that the austerity measures forced on their country by the Troika have failed drastically, have proved counter-productive, are driving Greece into the Dark Ages and need to be radically altered. This should start with TRUE debt write-down as opposed to the ‘extend and pretend’ measures adopted to date.

If ever there was a time for solidarity with Greece, this is it. The weekly Ballyhea Says No protest march tomorrow (Sunday, February 8th) will offer just that. If you want to bring a sign supporting Syriza and Greece, do so, please.

Shoulder to shoulder with Manolis Glezos, a modern Greek legend