Friday, 24 December 2010

Letter sent to TDs prior to Dáil vote on the IMF/ECB deal

DEC 14th 2010
Dear Sir/Madam,
This country is in a war.  There are no bombs going off in Cork, no bullets flying in Wexford or Waterford, no blood flowing in Galway, but it is war nevertheless, a war that threatens not just this generation but generations of Irish for decades to come.  A couple of years ago there was a nuclear explosion in our banking system and since then, scenting blood – our blood - the sharks have been circling.  Over the last two years they’ve made a couple of attacks but two weeks ago, they moved in for the kill.  With the ‘agreement’ the ECB imposed on our representatives (I exempt the IMF), they believe they have got what they wanted, can sit back now and gorge themselves on what remains of this living corpse of a country.  Because that’s what they think we are, that’s what the ECB and those sharks it’s protecting believe they left behind as they headed back for Berlin, Frankfurt and Paris.

We are still alive, barely; we can still fight, we MUST still fight, all of us.  The Irish people, this generation, cannot any longer stand back and allow the sharks of the financial world devour us as they please – dammit, even dolphins, docile as they are, defend themselves!  THEY took the gamble on our banks, THEY lost, THEY should pay the price; it flies in the face of all logic, all fairness, all natural justice, that not alone should they not have to pay a cent for their poor judgement, but that we, the Irish people, should have to pay it all, in full.
There is a debate in the Dáil tomorrow (Thursday) on the bailout agreement.  That all the opposition parties should speak and vote ‘against’ should be a given, but the Fianna Fáil leadership believe they still have enough votes for endorsement.  If there is a shred of patriotism left among the Fianna Fáil TDs, if there is an ounce of intelligent and independent thinking left in their ranks, if there is even one individual there with the courage and conviction of men like Pearse, Plunkett, Connolly, McSweeney, they will vote ‘No’.  They may lose the party whip, they may even still lose their seats at the upcoming election, but in this last-chance battle, they will have kept us in the war.  The sharks have tasted our blood, they’ve had some of our flesh – time for them to taste our mettle.