Sunday, 7 August 2011

7-day fast final day

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August 7th 2011

Today is the last day of the 7-day bread n’ water fast, a symbolic protest against the penal on-going ECB-dictated bank bondholder bailout.  In a few minutes I’ll be heading for Croke Park to cover the All-Ireland semi-final, and thank God for the diversion, it will make this final day pass easily enough.
As anticipated, as feared, the fast has been in vain, and as with everything else attempted in an effort to highlight the massive injustice being visited on the Irish people on a weekly basis with the relentless payment of these bank bonds, it has registered not even a ripple in the national media.
It’s been a depressing six months of protest, a soul-destroying six months.  Over the next few months, as the budget 2012 proposals are firmed up, we’ll have broadcast to us all the proposed cuts, the closures, the new taxes, reports of the protests being organised against same here, there, everywhere.  What we won’t read about, the bond being paid by Bank of Ireland this Monday, €200,000,000; the bonds being paid this month, €444,260,916; the bonds being paid next month, €4,299,705,436; the bonds being paid next year, €20bn; the bonds being paid to the end of 2015, €60bn. 
The media are meant to be the eyes and ears of the people – where are they?  Reams of coverage of the Cloyne Diocese report, but what of this scandal, this bank robbery with a twist, the ECB robbing – under threat – billions from an already-suffering people?  And robbery is what it is, nothing less.  This is not our debt, was never our debt; neither this government nor the last WANTED to pay it, but were forced to do so by the bullying bungling ECB – ‘A nod is as good as a wink’, in the colourful words of Minister Michael Noonan.
When this day is over, for my own sake and for the sake of my family I have no option but to step back.  It has reduced me physically (10lbs of mostly excess fat), but even more so, it has cost me emotionally.  Depressing, soul-destroying?  I've had the black dog for company for many months now.  Cuts to the fuel/phone/electricity subsidies for the elderly and the poor, Autism programmes closed down, Special Needs Education hammered, hospital beds closed, operations deferred – the poorest, the neediest, the sick, all hit for the sake of millions, while billions are borrowed to pay bank bonds, and we don’t bat an eyelid in protest.  As a civilised and supposedly caring society, how do we justify this?  Watching this, knowing it’s happening, knowing also we’re letting it happen – it’s destroying me.
I'm taking a break from it for a while, so this will be the last annoying mail from me for the foreseeable future.  Wasted my time, and if you even bothered to read any of these missives, wasted yours.  Hopefully someone with a bit more stamina will now take up this fight.
Yours sincerely,
Diarmuid O'Flynn.


  1. Believe it or not Diarmuid, nothing is wasted, everything counts!
    Change is slowly happening, as people are really beginning to feel the burden of taxes, low wages & dole, meanwhile, everything is going up in price. When we need fuel this winter, it will really hit a lot of Irish citizens.
    Take your rest & start being kind to Diarmuid.
    When you feel back to who you are, is time enough to decide if you want to continue.
    My thoughts & prayers are with you.
    Le meas.

  2. Hey man, tis good to try to put the info out there. It is very difficult to get anyone to listen to the figures - they don't want to know...yet. I believe we will come around and start realising the terrible situation we're in. I don't think anything you've done has been a waste of time. I, for one, was unaware of the bonds being paid and so I'm informed and I've informed other interested friends. The info slowly filters - nothing happens as quickly as we'd like. Look after yourself.

  3. You don't know me Diarmuid but I have been reading your blog and impressed by your commitment and knowledge. I'm glad you have finished your fast as I was worried for you but please know, taking a stand is never a waste of time. I went to Dublin for the anti IMF march which was not well attended (and not as special as that wonderful photo of you all walking through your village) It could be said it was a waste of my time but how could I tell my grand child that i haven't even tried!
    best wishes, Judy

  4. how I agree with above comments. Yours, as I've already said, is and has been a truly passionate, important, intelligent, honest and informed effort to highlight this bond horror inflicted wrongly on Ireland. IT HAS NOT BEEN WASTED. A soul as fair and compassionate as yours impacts all who listen. The MEDIA is another issue.....
    It truly IS time now for you. Regain your health, calm your soul and let other brave people like yourself take up the gauntlet. Your extraordinary self with your talents and capacities are needed beyond this recent venture..... we love you...

  5. Even if you quit now, you are my heroes, we do not need politicians, we need heroes like you. We should and (I will) continue protesting and telling the truth.
    Best wishes, Míriam

  6. I agree with all of the above, the apathy is astonishing but not suprising considering the MSM coverage, & you can't really blame people for thinking that it's just like any other recession & things will pick up again, house prices etc etc. It takes time to make what is sfter all a quantam leap to realise that whether right or left the politicians are aiding & abetting their financial overlords to rob the poor to feed the rich.

    If it were possible I would join you on your march, easy for me to say of course , but keep going, I wish you all the very best of success with spreading your message.

    Here's a blog you might be interested in. It explained to me the why of how I lost nearly everything & it pierces the fog of disinformation surrounding these issues.

    PS I tried to comment on bondwatch, but it wouldn't work.

  7. Well done on your sincere commitment. you are a true patriot

  8. Not wasted, just not acknowledged. The media were complicit form the beginning, so how can we expect them to regulate themselves. All the best, I think people are waking up to this and it is thanks to people like you, have no doubt of that.

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