Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Ireland united


                On Sunday March 4th we will be having our 52nd weekly march in Ballyhea in protest against the on-going extortion of tens of billions of euro from us, the people of Ireland, by the ECB. To mark the occasion we're inviting anyone and everyone to make your way to Ballyhea on that date and for half an hour, from 11.30am til noon, park whatever differences we may all have and march together.

                We have a single cause - end the bank bondholder bailout. No playing around with the terms - this load is crushing us, remove it. Its imposition was wrong, unjust; it's not just a gross abuse of power by the ECB and the EU, it is a cynical, deliberate and calculated attack on our independence, on our sovereignty.

                It's being done for what, because the ECB's pet financial institutions are too big to fail? Are we, the people of Ireland, not too big to fail? Does the EU not have any responsibility to its people? And where does it all end? Once this bank debt has been fully 'socialised' and we are forced into inevitable sovereign default – well, Greece this week, Ireland next.

                The fallout from the imposition of this bank debt burden affects us all; we should all resist. I wish I had the eloquence to properly articulate just how a critical a period this is in Irish history, but I don’t. All I can do is ask that in the face of this common threat, right left and centre we should unite, all political creeds and none, native and settler - that is our only hope. Join us, Sunday March 4th at 11.30am, Ballyhea.

Diarmuid O’Flynn