Tuesday, 27 March 2012


                  We are bombarded with warnings that if the Household Charge of €100 isn’t paid by March 31st the penalties will kick in – but what are the penalties? Delay until June 30th and it’s 10%, that’s €10; delay until December 31st and it’s 20%, that’s €20; delay beyond that and it’s 30% and 1% per month. So, I ask, what’s the panic? If you pay now your money is gone; if you don’t want to pay and you aren’t yet certain about making a stand, why not hold off for a few months? Yes, you're risking €10 – it might turn out to be the best tenner you (n)ever spent.

                  Don’t be intimidated, don’t be strong-armed. Since humankind frist began to legislate it’s been making good law and bad; good people have always resisted those bad laws, thus was slavery challenged and ended, likewise the Penal Laws here, the Tithe Laws, the religious discrimination, the voting restrictions, etc. etc. 

                  We got no say in whether or not we should pay the failed bonds of our failed banks, successive governments caving in to the threats of the ECB-dominated troika; we DO have a say in this. Our government tells us that this is mandated by the ECB/troika; let’s send the troika a message, let this March 31st deadline be our referendum on their demands and their deadlines – DO NOT REGISTER, DO NOT PAY. 

                  This is bad law, being imposed for bad reasons; good people have a duty to resist it. Take a stand - you are not alone.

Regards, Diarmuid O’Flynn