Tuesday, 31 January 2012

ECB/Anglo - The Unbearable Burden

                 A few weeks ago I was listening – as I often do – to the Vincent Browne show on TV3. Vincent is the one national broadcaster above all others who understands the fundamentals of what’s being done to Ireland by our so-called partners in the EU/ECB conglomerate. That night, as yet another government minister was parroting out the lines he had been given by the Dept. of Finance about how this government had secured a reduction in the interest rates being charged by the ECB (they hadn’t, this had come merely as a by-product of the Greek bailout), how they were working hard to secure ‘improvements’ in the terms of the payment of the Anglo Promissory Notes, Vincent damn near exploded in exasperation, and cited a cartoon of the fat man riding on the thin man’s back.

                Turns out it wasn't a cartoon at all but a sculpture by Jens Galschiøt titled 'The survival of the fattest' and here it is, with thanks to Marie Moran of UCD.

I’m sitting on the back of a man
He is sinking under the burden
I would do anything to help him
Except stepping down from his back
(Inscription on the staff of Justicia, Western Goddess of Justice, represented in the sculpture Survival of the Fattest by Jens Galschiø)

Let Leo and Sean and all the other government sheeple bleat all they like about reductions and extensions, they are merely following their shepherd's directions; not until the bank debt is removed from our shoulders will we be able to finally progress from the mire. Our government has already buckled under the pressure, we are left to stand for ourselves. We've done this before, thrown off a burdensome yoke, we can do it again.
Diarmuid O`Flynn