Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Wild Irish Poet - The Fight For Ireland

The Fight for Ireland.
The Fight for Life.
The fight for our right to an ordinary decent life.
So Ireland is paying out 700 million today.
Or should I say The government which does not represent this country in any way shape or form.
We today remain leaderless.
We remain cast adrift in a European sea of greed and corruption.
These people talk about percentages and Euro Zone and Bailouts and conditions and balancing the banks.
They don’t talk about people and hospitals and emigration and employment and survival.
If a Government is not for the people then it is merely a vassal for vested dark despicable interests.
And thus is the world until we as the Irish people defy this gross inequality we are being made to endure.
Until we rise from every chair and every living room.
There is no difference today in colour or religion or class or creed or wage.
Whether you be a plumber or an actor or jobless or from Dalkee or Mayo or Cork.
We need to align with the entire country.
We need to stand up to greed and despicable inequality.
Somewhere in Ireland someone is contemplating suicide.
Somewhere in Ireland there is a hungry baby without his food and a Mother weeping.
Somewhere is a man being told he has no work.
Somewhere in a traffic jam a man is having a heart attack and no hospital to be brought to, to save his life.
Somewhere in Ireland a man is counting money and smiling.
Somewhere in some distant European country men with no souls make decisions by the pen that ruin another generation here.
Somewhere a cowardly TD in Dublin carries his filthy deeds like a weight but ignores the destruction in his own heart.

Are we men? Are we truly brave?
I do not believe in the heart the people here are cowards.
I do believe we are looking for hope. A way to see a better life.
As it stands we have no future.
All that remains is for us to become one.
For our ideas and differences to merge.
Underneath the shame, the sadness and the fear I think our country men and women have a power and a poetic strength.
I think that we are noble.
We must claim this nobility.
We must crush the fear in our waking souls.
We have not come this far, through this much, in so many terrible centuries to be vanquished by men of the pen and the shirt and tie and the greasy crunchers of numbers.
They will eat themselves, those who choose to keep us in a corner taking all that is rightfully ours.
We only have to acknowledge each other.
We are brothers and sisters.
We must rise above our bickering and look above.
Look at the people who are truly destroying our lives.
But also take a look in the mirror.
Maybe many feel ' What can one man or woman do?'
I have bills, I have responsibilities.
Yes you do. But you also have those same responsibilities to the people who have not yet been born here.
To the older generation who sit in the cold with no heat.
To the boy standing on the shore about to leave with his suit case and a broken heart.
We are the many.
We are the few .
We are the one.

I am proud to be Irish .
But we must act on that pride.
We must rise up peacefully but with the force of our poetic hearts.
We might be broke as a nation.
But we are not broke in our souls, as a people.
We are an idea that is celebrated around the world.
We are beloved.
We need to show that love to the person next to you.
We need to release our self-pity and turn it into compassion.
We need to help each other.
With each act of love kindness and power we as individuals will bind the vines of the millions of Irish together and form an indestructible rope of people power.
Let us here be the example to the world now.
Let us show each other and the globe that the Irish have a will.
That the spirit that lies deep inside the soil of this earth is ready to be ignited and a fire that is our hope will light across this country.
We did NOT come through Famine and oppression and loss and death for nothing.
I think now of those who have so little.
I think now of the ghosts of our past.
The nameless graves that await our rising.
The ones who never had a chance to become what they should have.
I for one will not give up my dreams of an ordinary beautiful life because of the endless greed of others.
I hope we can join together.
I hope we can turn this winter of fear into a dawn of a new life.
I hope we can light a flame that will never be extinguished.
I hope we can make the future generations proud of us.
We are beautiful.
We have an amazing people.
The time for fear is over.
We the many, the few and the one.
Peace to you all.
Wild Irish Poet