Tuesday, 10 May 2011

10th March report, 11th march promo

Our 10th march took place last Sunday, May 8th, a good core in place now.  We’ve been so lucky so far weather-wise and even on a weekend when the skies darkened and the heavens opened, with monsoon-like rains, the clouds lifted just long enough for us to complete our usual march, from car-park to speed-limit sign and back.  Suggests that while those to whom we are appealing down here are still turning a deaf ear, someone up there is listening, and approves of our efforts!
To again outline our protest: It is strictly non-party-political, no paraphernalia of any description, the tricolour the only flag allowed, our own banner front and back of the march the only banners; it is single-issue, we demand the annulment of the deal struck under duress (Brian Lenihan’s own admission) by the then Irish government with the IMF/ECB in November of last year, the bank bondholder debt subsequently treated as it ought to have been treated then, those bondholders to suffer their own pain.
Our 11th march takes place in Ballyhea again this Sunday, at the now regular time of 10.30am.  This is your opportunity, perhaps your only real opportunity, to make a tangible statement on the massive injustice that has been visited on every individual in this country.  We’re a tiny voice, and we are crying into a wilderness of sorts, but we must keep trying.  The alternative is to simply roll over and invite further abuse.
Diarmuid O'Flynn.