Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Into double figures

May 3rd 2011


THIS COMING SUNDAY IN BALLYHEA, 10.30am, we will be holding our tenth protest march against the deal that was struck on our behalf on November 28th last year.
To reiterate our aim: Last November the ECB came to Ireland ostensibly to bailout the country, but in reality their mission was to bail out the bondholders, who we believe (though it’s near impossible to get details of who these bondholders are/were) were mainly German and French banks.  Under extreme pressure from the ECB our then government signed off on a deal that transferred tens of billions of private bank/bondholder debt to the Irish people. 
Regardless of who the bondholders are, regardless of whether or not we can afford the repayments (and we can’t), this was a foul deed, an act of blatant imperialism, a burden imposed on a weakened but still sovereign nation by an inordinately powerful few.  We demand that the deal of November 2010 should be revisited and the bank/bondholder debt terms reversed, those bondholders then to be dealt with as they should have been in the first place, made to suffer their own losses.
That’s it; that’s our protest, that’s our cause.  That foul, unfair, unjust deed must be undone, that burden – the burden of others - lifted from our shoulders.  Then and only then, will we satisfied, then and only then can we again prosper.  Join our protest, sign our online petition.
Diarmuid O'Flynn.