Tuesday, 3 May 2011

March updates - 7th, 8th & 9th

May 3rd 2011
Our seventh march was held on a Saturday evening, April 16th at 8.15pm, to facilitate those who couldn't make the regular time of 11.45am on Sunday.  A good crowd but numbers were down on the Sunday march, so it was decided to try something different again – 10.30am on the Sunday morning, giving people time to a) go to 11am Mass, should they desire, and b) time then to arrange the rest of their day, including underage GAA training/matches etc.
Our eighth march then was held on April 24th, Easter Sunday and again we had a good crowd, numbers up slightly on the Saturday march, certainly in excess of 60.  For the first time we had flags, the national flag, on the grounds that in the week that was in it, the 95th anniversary of the 1916 Rising, if that can’t unite us, nothing can.
Our ninth march took place last Sunday, May 1st, and again we had the tricolour, which will now become the only flag allowed on the march.  Again numbers were strong, but we have lost one family or regular marchers, Páidí O'Connell and his clan emigrated to the US for a year due to the downturn in the economy – we all wish them well.
Our tenth march will go ahead this Sunday, 10.30am, and this will now become the regular time every week.  Please join us.  The news on the economic front gets worse and worse, the pie-in-the-sky predictions by our politicians again proving false.  The advice of a series of respected economists is this; if we continue on the current path we will default, sovereign default, but there is still €35bn in bonds to be argued over – fight.
Diarmuid O'Flynn.