Friday, 1 April 2011

A Call To Arms

April 1st 2011
A few bullet points to explain the on-going weekly Ballyhea Bondholder Bailout Protest march (every Sunday at 11.45am, our fifth march coming up this Sunday):
·        Since the dawn of time most wars have been about rape and pillage, about slaughter and plunder.
·        The insistence by the ECB in the deal struck with a weak and discredited Irish leadership last November that the bondholders – THEIR bondholders, in the main – be repaid in full was tantamount to a declaration of war on the Irish people, a massive financial yoke placed across our shoulders, ‘tribute’ to be paid to Europe for decades.
·        It’s a bloodless war, no actual rape and slaughter, but we are decimated nevertheless, our youngest, our best and brightest, forced out to seek shelter and succour abroad.
·        Even after all the goings-on of Thursday, the bondholders, those economic gamblers whose billions fuelled the inferno that still rages in this country, are to be left untouched, no price to be paid by them even as we, through penal budget after penal budget, buckle under the yoke fashioned by them.
·        Europe has been quoting ‘moral hazard’, that the Irish have to be taught a lesson – where is the ‘moral hazard’ as applied to these bondholders?
Make no mistake about it, we have been conquered, enslaved, our leadership coerced into accepting a deal that has crippled their own people.  We face huge odds, yes, but if our leadership don’t have the courage to fight on our behalf then we fight for ourselves.  There is still at least €35 billion at stake but it’s not just the money – it’s our sovereignty, our freedom.
In this fight, we need recruits.  The first battleground is Ballyhea, and we’ve been marching now for a month, every Sunday at 11.45am.  Join us, either in your own community or in ours.
Diarmuid O'Flynn.