Saturday, 9 April 2011

The (wild) bondholder

THE (WILD) BONDHOLER – by Diarmuid O'Flynn, the People’s Protest
I’ve been a bondholder for many a year
I’ve spent all me money on whiskey and beer
But now I’ve got troubles and problems galore
And I never will play the bondholder no more
CHORUS - And it’s no, nay, never; no nay never no more
I’ll play the bondholder, no never, no more
Ireland was booming, the banks wanted cash
I had billions to spare so I gave it a lash
The property market was growing like hell
My money poured in there, this boom to propel – CHORUS
Soon there came problems, the bubble went burst
The banks were in trouble, I feared for the worst
Ah but then came redemption, September Oh-eight
A big warm blanket, guaranteed by the State – CHORUS
We were back in the clover, our bonds looking good
ECB, our big brother, made sure that they would
Another agreement, in two thousand and ten
The Irish Republic, bamboozled again – CHORUS
But now we have problems, there’s movement afoot
Trouble a-brewing, down at the grassroot
Ballyhea started marching, now it’s spreading around
Contain this contagion, or our bonds may get burned - CHORUS